About Christophe & Johny

Christophe and Johny are a Celebrity Hair and Makeup team. It was work at first site when meeting at photo shoot 6 years ago and have been together ever since. Their work has been seen on A-List Celebrities, major advertising campaigns, and in publications nationally and internationally.  Christophe was born in Cannes, France and speaks fluently in both French and English.  Johny born in Byblos Lebanon is fluent in English as well as Arabic and thanks to Christophe a bit of french. Christophe studied Hair styling in Paris and traveled extensively throughout the world competing in international hair shows til he came to the United States in 93. He was fortunate to work with Hillary Clinton when she was the first lady and  traveled with her on Air Force One while she toured Asia and Australia. Then in 1998 he moved to Los Angeles and started working on Advertising Campaigns, commercials and Celebrities while building his already exquiste resume. Since then he has been sought after for his ability to make your hair look shiny,beautiful and healthy. Johny obtained a BA in computer animation and multimedia. Despite excelling in this field, Johny’s true calling was utilizing people as his canvas for his art.


This Hair and Makeup duo are passionate about what they do and have clients that trust them with all that has to do with hair, makeup, beauty and fashion. Christophe and Johny love traveling the world and stumbling upon all the opportunities they are presented. They have a loyal fan base and love helping all types of women with their everyday beauty woes. With exposure in several publications nationally and internationally and a variety of tv & news shows, they are your “GO TO” beauty team.  This blog is meant for the person who loves everything Hair,  makeup, Beauty and Fashion and then some. They  love what they do. So follow along and buckle your seat belts, it is going to be a GREAT RIDE.

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