The Evolution of Charlize Theron short Hair cut

Charlize Theron is an iconic beauty, every time i see her on a red carpet or an event i have to stop and look at her.  Today’s post is about her Short Hairstyle and how she has evolved with it. So if you are thinking of going short this i hope will help you. i feel the key to pulling off a short hair cut is good styling products. find below images documenting her hair styles that we are talking about.

-Charlize’s hair was a bit below her shoulders and she almost buzzed it totally off.

-For one of the first events with short hair she gelled it with a side part which worked beautifully.  and did a clean makeup with a deep plum lip.

-For the oscars she died her hair blonde and rocked a more of a pixie cut, she had it blown out and added a texturizing wax to give that textured look, and paired it with  dewy clean makeup.

-For the Glaad event she had her hair in  more of a rocker style kinda like  “pink”,  lots of texture on top and sleek on the side with a bold hot pink lip wish was very cool.

-for the last two recent events her hair has definitely grown out more on top, shorter on the sides and back but is still very versatile.


Get creative with you hair dont stick with one style try something new, push yourself to the next level.

we love all her looks and glad she makes us try new things on our clients.


charlize tharon

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