Tavi Gevinson on the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon show

I am not sure if you watched Late night with Jimmy Fallon show last night..but i had the pleasure of working with Tavi Gevinson for the second time since the Toronto Film festival and do her Makeup. Her look for the show was inspired by Mod 60’s look, twiggy esk,
Here are the steps i did to get this look:

-i prepped Tavi skin with a moisturizer, then a primer.

-i did a light foundation on Tavi and used my beauty blender to give her a light even coverage.

-on the eyes i did a nude white & beige shimmery eyelid.

-Then in her Crease used a black shadow with a thin brush and drew a line from the inner corner to the outer corner makeing a perfect line in an arch form following her natural crease.

-Next i added mascara on both top and bottom lashes and added Ardell mini individual lashes on the bottom lashes to give more drama to the eye and give that 60’s feel.

-Lastly i added a light pink cream blush to her cheeks and a beautiful nude pink lipstick to her lips.

and on her legs and arms i used RCK Body glow .

Here are the products i used

tavi steps

watch the clip from lastnight show.

here are some images from the show and one of Tavi and i after i finished her makeup.

tavi late night

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