VMA 2013 Fall makeup trends on the red Carpet

How many of you checked out the VMA’s last night…. well what you say on the red carpet as far as make up looks are the hot trends off the fall runway shows. Lots of Red lips and lots of “Nude Makeup” which can be interpreted in alot of different ways as you will see . Some had a bit more eye makeup but kept the colors neutral.  Some  went super bare with the No makeup makeup look. who was your favorite? and what fall Makeup trend are you looking forward to try out this fall??

Lots of red Lip Miley, Taylor, Salina were a few of the Artists that Rocked the RED Lip.


Then you have the NUDE look .. Katy Perry, Lady Gaga & Ciara Rocked a version of the  “NO Makeup Makeup look” they looked fresh and clean no heavy smokey eyes or bold lips.  But they are definitely wearing makeup, and then you have a few other artists and actress that pumped up the no makeup look with a nude or neutral smoke eye.


3 responses to “VMA 2013 Fall makeup trends on the red Carpet

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