3 easy braid

Here are 3 easy braid styles straight off the runway that you can recreate at home.

The Side Valentino Braid
The trick to get this braid nice and smooth and shine is to use a bit of oil in your hands to smooth it down as you braid it. Try Biolage Smoothing serum give shine and smooths frizz


The crown braids is another look that you can do easily.. To get the roughed up romantic look prep the hair with mousse and blow dry it, then section off the hair in 4 sections leaving a center part and braid each section separately. Wrap each braid around the back of the head and use U pins to secure them on the head.


Anyone can part hair into pigtails and start braids ..but to get sculpted structural braids like the ones in the pictures..use a good amount of Gel from root to tip and coat the hair then go about parting & braiding your pigtails and placing them into buns. One of my favorite gels is Rene frutherer vegetable gel.


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